GPO, Reimagined

Prime Source Healthcare Solutions provides long term, post-acute, and senior care facilities with expense management services and powerful purchasing contracts helping owners and operators optimize care delivery and maximize operational efficiencies.

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How We Can Help Your Healthcare Center Save Money & Improve Outcomes

We help you tap into better supply opportunities, through your current supply partners or with new ones. We work with industry leading brands to optimize your supply chain.

Prime Source helps facilities like yours discover where profits are slipping through the cracks and work with you to identify how we can help you bridge the gap between expenses and profits.

Group Purchasing

Consolidate your buying power to get the best rates on the supplies your facility needs.


Expense Management

Spend smarter with innovative cost-containment and expense management strategies. Unlock new opportunities to optimize utilization and expand revenue.


Best Practices

Leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to enhance the overall health of your organization.


Recession-Proof Your Facility

Sustainable businesses need two things—a strong P&L and operational excellence. Prime Source is built to improve both. That’s how we can help propel you to success, no matter the state of the economy.

Our Purchasing Partners

Big brands. Big savings. We help facilities find a healthy balance between supply and demand, costs, and vendors. Our members can tap into the advantages of top-tier brands, volume buying, product availability, and negotiated pricing resulting in healthy profitability for owners and operators.

Your Professional Expense Experts

Realize savings across your most important departments. Identify weakness in your P&L and uncover strategies to plug the gaps.

Lower Supply Costs

Get the best contracts on the supplies your team uses every single day.

Managed Negotiation

We shoulder the burden of negotiation so you can focus on your business.

Enhanced Best Practices

Utilize our industry insights and best practices to improve operations and maximize outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Group Purchasing Organization?

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that helps other businesses save money on supplies and services by aggregating buying power.  GPOs are able to use the combined purchasing volume of the companies they represent to negotiate discounts with their vendors.

How Is Prime Source Different From Other GPOs?

Prime Source Healthcare Solutions is more than just a group purchasing organization. In fact, we help you navigate when and where to use any given GPO. We evaluate and compare vendors to ensure price, products, and purchasing, are all optimized based on the needs of your facility.

How Can You Avoid Supply Chain Disasters?

When the supply chain breaks down, there is no way to guarantee your inventory. After all, sometimes the supplies you need to operate simply may not be available. However, having a partner like Prime Source can increase your chances of acquiring the resources your facility depends on.

Why Is Expense Management So Important?

It is easy for expenses to get out of hand in the healthcare industry. Long term and post-acute care facilities are often exposed to inflating costs. With so many moving parts, it can be hard to tell when you’re overpaying or suffering from other inefficiencies. That makes cost containment vital.

What Is the Advantage of Inventory Management?

Inventory management helps businesses take control of their supply-related issues. Your business depends on having the right supplies across various departments. That’s where our expertise comes in. You optimize inventory for one business. We’ve optimized inventory for thousands.

Why Choose Prime Source Healthcare Solutions?

Prime Source is the only organization of its type, driving innovation for post-acute and long term care facilities. Not only do we help you navigate optimal purchasing strategies, we also offer consulting on industry best practices and expense management. In short, we’re strategic partners.